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About SEIS Scheme

SEIS Scheme (Service Exports from India Scheme)

The Government of India provides a 3% to 6% incentive to exporters to encourage exports. SEIS benefits are provided to Service Exporters under the SEIS scheme (Service Exports from India Scheme) to all service providers who are eligible and providing services from India to other countries.

The Service Exports from India Scheme ( SEIS Scheme India) and ( MEIS Scheme )has been introduced in India in 2015 and is valid for 5 years i.e. from 2015-20. This scheme has been introduced as part of the New Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20 and replaces the Service from India Scheme (SFIC) which was applicable earlier.

SEIS Eligibility for Exporters in India

Service Providers of notified services must be located in India. The (Company / LLP / Partnership Firm) should have a minimum net free foreign exchange earnings of USD15000 in the preceding financial year. For proprietorships or individual service providers, minimum net foreign exchange earnings of USD10,000 should be there in the preceding financial year. a service provider must have an active Import Export Code (IEC) at the time of rendering such services for which rewards are claimed.

Nature of SEIS Scheme Incentive - Duty Credit Scrips

Duty credit scrips are used for the payment of customs duties, excise duties, service tax. It is freely transferable. The scrip would be valid for a period of 24 months from the date of issue.

How Our SEIS Consultants Assist you to Get up to 6% SEIS incentives?

We help you with the filing of an online application for a grant of the scrips. We also check the eligibility. We help the client in the process of documentation and application of the schemes. Further interlink helps in receiving the Scrips and the process of port registration and monetization of these Scrips. The last date for filing an application for claiming incentives for service exporters under this scheme is 12 months from the end of the relevant financial year.

Our Service Export Consultants not only assist clients with SEIS procedures but also in getting the best possible SEIS benefits in the form of incentive and help them in negotiating and getting the best possible deal for the company.

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